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  1. Hridoy Roy

    Shadow - Style Shadow cho XenForo 2 V 2.2.12

    Meet Shadow, best for any type of community, private or public website. With an innovative design and built with a transparent approach, this is a theme that allows you to build a website that stands out from the crowd. Multiple options to easily create a great-looking website to meet your...
  2. freelancerajoy

    XF_Add-on Telegram - Notifications V 2.0.0 RC5

    Adds the ability to receive notifications from the forum to Telegram. Are you looking to enhance user engagement on your XenForo forum? Look no further than the XenForo Telegram Notification Addon! This powerful tool is designed to seamlessly integrate Telegram, one of the most popular...
  3. freelancerajoy

    XF_Style Special Pro XenForo Style V 2.2.13

    Summary of Features User friendly Manageable by users Dark and light style Color scheme palette Multi-page layout (Header and navigation) Notice block per nodes Responsive design Node layouts Node images Category images User group permissions Font selector Post layouts Post background images...
  4. I

    XF_Helps Exclude Administrator posts from Addon flare forum stats

    Hey there is anyone know here know how to exclude Administrator posts from Addon flare forum stats most viewed topics. I don't want too see there my own topics "Administrator" Thanks.
  5. Hridoy

    XF_Add-on Auto Ping - Ping articles on search engines via PingOMatic V1.0

    This addon is improved to XenForo 2 from the idea of xenCODE's addon of the same name for XenForo 1. Add-on [VNXF 2x] Auto Ping - Ping posts to search engines via PingOMatic simply ping posts to search engines and feed readers through pingomatic.com. After you post or edit it, it will ping your...
  6. Hridoy

    XF_Add-on Google Trans - Add auto Google translate bar into your forum V1.0

    Hi everyone, today I share a free add-on. I hope you like it. Addon [VNXF 2x] Google Trans - Add an auto Google translate bar into your forum to help you add a google translate tool. It appears right and below the header navigation. You can select the language in admincp option.
  7. I

    Addon flare add-on

    Hi guys I removed by mistake Addon Flare and now my whole website does not work. Could you add addon flare so I can install it again and it will fix my errors. Thank you
  8. I

    XF_Support Tickets requires Standard Library by Xon v1.5.0+.

    Hi I got an error when try to install addon NF ticket 2.3.4 that I need libreay which I cannot find. "The following errors must be resolved before continuing:" Tickets requires Standard Library by Xon v1.5.0+. Would be fantastic if someone could upload...
  9. Titon

    XF_Releases XenForo 2.2.10 Patch 1 Released Full Version download V2.2.10 Patch 1

    XenForo 2.2.10 is now available for all licensed customers to download. We strongly recommend that all customers running previous versions of XenForo 2.2 upgrade to this release to benefit from increased stability. This version contains a fix for an issue whereby outgoing requests from the...
  10. Titon

    XF_Tutorials How to install Xenforo on your PC

    How to install Xenforo on your PC